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How It Works

  • Once the registration process is completed and the registration are closed:
    • 20 contestants (10 men and 10 women) from the participating countries will be selected based on the maximum points earned.
    • A maximum of 10 points will be rewarded:

      • 1 point     : Completion of personal profile

      • 1 Point     : Social media engagement

      • 2 Points   : Gaining likes on your profile

      • 3 Points   : Content of your personal video

      • 3 Points   : Rewarded by the panel of judges

  • Contestants from the participating countries will compete in a LIVE MEGA EVENT to become the Arabian Superstar and earn other Pageant titles.

  • Arabian Superstar is different than any other Pageants around the world.

  • Arabian Superstar is about the BEAUTY OF MIND AND FREEDOM OF CHOICE.