If you need for more answers please write to us; me@arabiansuperstar.com

You will represent the country you hold your passport from.

The citizenship does not matter. You must be the resident of one of the participating country and have valid residence, for more details refer 'Eligibility' section. 

Fill out the Registration Form with full details engae with your friends and family on social media gain likes and votes. and most important is to upload your 1 min. personal video showing, Why you want to be the Arabian Superstar and what changes/improvments you will make in your community if you win the title?

MENA region consists of the following countries: ALGERIA, BAHRAIN, EGYPT, IRAN, IRAQ, JORDAN, KUWAIT, LEBANON, LIBYA, MOROCCO, OMAN, PALESTINE, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, SYRIA, TUNISIA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, YEMEN. The classification of the countries under MENA region is to select the contestants from these countries, it does not represent political, geographical nor in any way establishes any other form of regional representations.

No, you must be above 18 years and below 45 years at the time of registration. Please refer Terms & Conditions for more details.

Yes! you qualify, the clothing you wear is your personal choice. The Arabian Superstar is about the Beauty of Mind and Freedom of Choice.

No, there is no swimsuit contest or any other contest requiring you to show your body.

Yes you qualify, marriage or children is not the criteria for selection.

Please refer the 'Eligibility' section for full details.

The next contestant in-line shall take your place and you'll lose your chance of becoming the Arabian Superstar.

The organization will provide two complimentary passes for your family to attend the final event.
However, they must make their own travel and hotel arrangements.

No, all contestants must stay in the allocated place and follow the Arabian Superstar program.

No, your profile photos don't have to be professionally taken. Important is to fully complete your profile with photos and a personal video highlighting as to why you should be the next Arabian Superstar.


Yes, you can win the Arabian Superstar, prior competition experience is not required you should have the confidence and determination to succeed.

Please write to us: me@arabiansuperstar.com